Get growing Breightmet: 1st of May

Today has really been about getting the raised beds into the gardens of growers, and as with Wednesdays visit to Breightmet an early start to the day was essential to keep the resources flowing at a crucial time in the set up element of the project, after an hour of putting together more strawberry pots and dropping off bits and pieces of kit at various growers houses I stopped for a quick fag and a brew before calling for Chris, one of our growers who has offered to help me out with the work on the project. For the remainder of the day we wheel barrowed soil around the estate, and dropped off raised beds and other gardening resources at the houses of growers.DCIM100MEDIA On route we called at Chris’s Brothers house, his brother Mick soon got stuck into moving litter from the sides of his garden and pulling weeds from the surface soil, whilst Chris sorted out Micks raised bed.DCIM100MEDIA

Planting out

After we finished working on Micks garden, we continued down the hill of Thicketford Brow to Chris’s garden where we filled the remainder of his two raised beds with soil and then planted on some broad beans, to not only get a yield from them but also to lock some nitrogen into the soil ready to feed the next crop in the middle of summer.DCIM100MEDIA Before heading for home I dropped off a portable tomato greenhouse at Martins house which he is going to use next week when I pay him my weekly visit. So all in all a good days work here in Breightmet and a big thank you to Chris, Charlotte, Carl and Vanessa for helping the day along.




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