Willow Hey project 23rd April

Such a pleasurable stroll to the Willow Hey project this morning, dropping seed bombs on route as school traffic cluttered the road and Irate bus drivers shook their heads in disbelief at the idiocy of morning drivers. On site everything had changed since our last visit, cherry and plum trees were in blossom, baby ferns spiraled upwards out of the ground in our orchard space and buds and growth had appeared on every plant and bush onsite. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our work today was a real mixed bag, we planted on some soft fruit bushes that we had taken from a large plant that was already on site, sowed carrot seeds, and watered around all of the trees and bushes carefully, then we drove over to the estate to pick up some tables and bricks that a local women had donated to the project. We have also had a number of visitors to our site today, a group who offer support for refugees and asylum seekers, Craig and Anthony from the Daisy Dell group, and two staff from local housing charity Bolton at Home

New economy

At the moment there is lots of talk amongst economic and philosophical thinkers about new economic models to replace the deeply flawed and destructive one that is currently dominating mainstream political thinking, the New economy is already kicking in here, in a small way between some of the community groups. Some of the resource and idea sharing that has been happening between different local groups in the area have sprang out of necessity and the simple fact that there isn’t a lot money around, for example after we made our raised beds and raised beds for other projects we had a lot of spare timber left which we our selves managed to salvage from old fencing that was being replaced on a local estate, the Daisy Dell community took some of this wood to make bird boxes and insect habitats, in return they are going to give us some of the bird boxes for our site, and we also share some our saved seed-stock with the community when we visit them to help them out with their vegetable growing next week, and there is also a general willingness to help out whenever these groups meet up.


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