Get growing Breightmet: Bus drivers and Global gardeners

First port of call today was Martins house, Martin puts a lot of hours in during his working week as a bus driver so we have basically set his growing system up first so that he can begin gardening and growing food immediately. He now has four raised beds on his drive containing potatoes, carrots and Leeks and Onion sets, and we will provide him another small bed as part of next weeks visit to Breightmet.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Martin is keen to grow as much of his own produce as possible, we will certainly help him to try to achieve this during this years growing season.The remainder of the day has been preparing herb pots for our growers, distributing small plastic portable greenhouses, nipping out to buy resources for our plant give away and seed swap event, potting on young fruit bushes and digging in a few fruit trees.

Global gardeners

Two of the families I am working with are from Poland, one of the families has problems understanding English so I was helped by a younger women who was visiting the family to translate, she informed me that the couple were in their late 50s and worked 60 hour a week shift patterns in warehouses, their garden was well tended to the point of it being immaculate. The younger women passed on their thanks to me in English after i gave the couple some gardening kit, but language aside when I shook their hands on the way out of their garden they were beaming with smiles and warmth. There is some irony in the fact that people like the low grade pound shop journalist Katie Hopkins, and Public school boy city trader Nigel Farage somehow miss the point that Polish people are honest, hard working and sincere, but I guess when people have hatred running through them like the word Blackpool running through a stick of seaside rock, one can only hope that the wider public can see through their antisocial and neanderthal nastiness and learn to get to know their neighbours, the world is diverse place, and so too is Britain, Once Love!


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