Willow Hey project 15th April

Its funny how the weather can sometimes deceive you, as I sat in the kitchen with my customary roll up and pot of green tea, it looked to all intent and purposes that it was going to be good day, not a great deal of cloud about and shards of sunlight fighting through the clouds, but it wasn’t to be. By the time I arrived at the site the rain had started to fall, and bang on Q the rubbish skip that we had ordered turned up.

Our two main tasks for today were gathering rubbish together from around the site and in the outbuildings and throwing it in the skip, Our second task was to continue planting and seed sowing in the greenhouses and raised beds.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

clearer skies

By the time the skip was almost full to the brim with rubbish from the site the rain subsided and the temperature picked up a little, which was great for me as I was planting out the last of the broad bean crop into two raised beds and at ground level it can get quite cold sometimes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The next level

Now that the site is safe and fairly tidy our next step is to outreach into the community, this is where the skills and local knowledge of Community development worker Chris Wood comes in, Chris will bring people to the site from the two near by Council estates and we show them in the most direct way possible of how to grow their own food at home, we are also in a position where we are able to offer  residents growing kits to help to start them off on their growing adventure, We also be offering a variety of workshops to help promote community self reliance, and on certain weekends during the summer we will be running a number of reasonably priced permaculture related workshops that are open to the wider public.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For anyone interested in the permaculture workshops we will be promoting these sessions through social networking and through these weekly blogs.






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