Growing clinic @ Red Lane Community allotments 11th April

When I arrived at the Red Lane site, Chris and Alan were already there hammering and cutting, as they put together another planter for the site. One of the great things about the growers on this particular site is their ability to make things out of rubbish and found materials, to date they have made a barbeque area with herb planters at the base, trellises and numerous planters.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Seeds for growers

For the much of todays session I gave out a variety of different seeds to growers and advised them on the care of the different things they were trying to grow, as with last year I am also encouraging growers to try things that are new to them, today I really pushed the idea of how useful chard is, how it can be treated as a cut and come again plant, and how it is tolerant of colder weather. So during this season we can expect to see at least twenty chard plants providing growers with their versatile leaves all through the summer. Another job was throwing a few wildflower seedbombs around the site in order to generate some forage for pollinators during the summer. Other newer plants that the growers are also trying out this is Echinacea for their useful and beautiful flowers, bronze fennel, quinoa which I have successfully grown in the previous gardening season.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There also a great sense of teamwork about to days session, with all of the growers pulling together to help one of the older growers to sheet mulch his plot, and they also have shared responsibility for the distribution of some of the seeds that I have give them.




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