Willow Hey project update 9th of April

Another truly beautiful sunny day today,  and its such a pleasure to wake in the morning and not have to carry out cloud analysis to check for the likelihood of rain whilst tugging on my roll up and drinking my Morning brew. As I walked to the site I scattered a box of wildflower seeds on route, I started in my own alleyway then created a rough trail to Doe Hey where the site is based, I will repeat this again next week as i am trying to create a pollinators corridor, between Doe Hey which is a semi wild area of land, and the estate that I live on that is much more urbanized.

Once on site we got stuck into the days jobs albeit at a more measured pace than usual due to the heat and the fact there was no wind about to create a breeze, we planted 4 large raised beds with first early and main crop potatoes , and  also planted out 4 raised beds  with young broad bean plants. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sowing future seeds

In the afternoon as the sun grew fierce our work slowly moved to the shaded areas of the site where there was still timber and branches to be cleared from the coppicing and pruning of winter. I was left with the unenviable task out sowing seeds in the 80 degree greenhouse. We are doing a lot of seed sowing at the moment because the plants that they will produce will not only be grown for use in the sites raised beds, but they will also be grown in the gardens of local residents who take up our offer of helping them to grow their own diverse range of organic fruit and vegetables.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA








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