Get Growing Breightmet: Strawberries R us

Another lovely sunny day here in Bolton, which is great for me as its one of my outdoor work days. The first job of the day was unloading the newly made raised beds into the alleyway of Breightmet UCAN centre with Land rover Dave, where they will stay unto next week when we start moving them into local residents gardens. I then spent an hour potting up the main crop strawberries into pots and delivered them to the houses of growers who lived close to the centre.

Breightmet Food growing Hub

At eleven O clock there was a meeting with Tony Cottam the Bolton at Home manager who is funding the food growing project, and Ed Pink the film maker who is filming the project over the duration of the growing season. As usual a great meeting with these two talented forward thinking fellas, fruitful and fast just the way I like meetings to be. After the meeting the three of us walked the short distance to the new site that is going to be the food growing Hub for Breightmet, the site itself will be opening up around the end of April, the site will then become a resource for the local community where I will be delivering horticultural training and providing ongoing support for the growers on the estate who signed up to be involved in the project, the site will also have the capacity to accommodate any newer growers on the estate who wish to take up the trowel so to speak.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADocumenting our work 

After a short dinner Ed filmed and interviewed me about the project and what it hopes to achieve both now and into the future, we discussed the idea of developing the growing project overtime to the point where we are able to generate micro horticultural employment opportunities for people in an area where unemployment is quite high whilst also generating a healthy supply of locally grown food that will be eaten within the community where it is grown, we have worked with Ed previously and he a great  skill of making you feel relaxed very quickly and asking questions in such a way were the best possible answer is given. After the filming we went to drop off strawberry pots at residents houses and speak to growers with a view to them appearing in Eds film, four people have agreed to take part and talk about their experiences of food growing which is great for Ed and great for the project as a whole.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The final jobs of the day were giving out three micro greenhouses and more potted main crop strawberry plants to our growers, so all in all a good day.11049475_866315130100257_2121296383065452140_n









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