Willow Hey project 26th March

As we come towards the end of the first phase of the project our jobs for today were diverse and many. At the front end of the site the old long greenhouse was being given a good spring clean ready for it conversion into a rest room/class room later in the spring.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA At the other end of the site the final raised beds were being filled with five tons of organic compost, and coppiced timber sorted into piles for use in rocket stove and outdoor cooking sessions that we will hold in the summer, whilst the straighter thicker pieces of timber were put aside for the summer when we plan to build a small structure with materials sourced from the site.


Gardening in the spring sun

Almost everyone on site today has been on board with the project from its very beginnings in October 2014, we have worked in the driving relentless rain, and through the ice and the snow in the depths of winter, and its such a great pleasure for us to be now working on site as spring begins to unfurl.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And with the coming of the spring comes the actual gardening and growing element of the project, so today we have busied ourselves with planting out main crop strawberries, and sowing hundreds of Courgette, leek, capsicum and various pea and bean seeds into trays in the greenhouse and added the final touches to the living willow hedge that will provide protection against the wind for the raised beds.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The end of the beginning

We are also excited at the prospect of opening up the project within the next few weeks to people living on the two local councils estate which are in close proximity to the site, our first and foremost priority when we start connecting with communities is to help them to start growing their own food at home, community members can access the site to learn gardening skills, they can then take these skills home along with some plants and seeds that we will provide for them, they can then get straight out into the garden and get growing their own food. It is with some sadness that we say our farewells to Rik Haworth who has supported the project since its inception, Rik has been hardworking and helpful throughout his stay with us, and we would all like to wish Ricardo the very best for the future, stay safe mate!









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3 Responses to Willow Hey project 26th March

  1. Mike says:

    Great project. How can I make a financial donation?

    • boltonurbangrowers12 says:

      Hi Mike
      You can make a contribution by sending a cheque made out to Bolton Urban Growers or to Mr Stephen J Jones, and mail it to 7 Mabel Avenue, great lever, Bolton, BL3-2JD, uk. Any donations or contributions would enable us to work with more people

      best wishes Steve Jones

    • boltonurbangrowers12 says:

      Hi Mike, any donations should be made to Bolton Urban growers, address 7 mabel avenue, great lever, bolton, bl3-2jd UK


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