A day with the Daisy Dell Community

We have not visited the Daisy Dell community for a few months, so we decided to have a drive over and help them out with some of the spring jobs that they were undertaking. The Daisy Dell community have a large 1.5 acre site with Council houses forming a horseshoe shape around the land, with the help of housing charity Bolton at Home local residents now run and maintain the site where they grow a variety of fruit trees and have just recently added 6 large raised beds for growing seasonal vegetables in. Our work today consisted of trimming and pruning a willow tunnel, tidying the site up, filling a rubbish skip, and providing general horticultural advice.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Daisy Dell in 2015

This year there is a greater emphasis on growing more food on the site, in 2014 there was so much fruit harvested from the site that many local residents busied there-selves making fruit pies and tarts with their bumper crop, this has inspired the group to grow more of the own produce with their new found skills and confidence in processing their produce, this also adds a good deal of real value to their produce in the fact that the food is organically grown and cooked in the exact place where people eat it, in effect creating an ongoing community food supply. Porject member Craig also keeps chickens in his back garden that backs onto the project, he has some young birds at the moment and is looking forward to the start of their egg laying cycle.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA













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2 Responses to A day with the Daisy Dell Community

  1. atkokosplace says:

    How exciting to have this project. Love the chickens.

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