Willow Hey Project: soil and toil

What a palava this morning was, firstly I hadn’t slept very well, then as I sat in front of my pc only just awake my phone suddenly began to drone out its warped ringtone, for the first time ever the soil delivery company had decided to ring me up just after half seven to inform me that the delivery driver was waiting to unload at the site. I rushed over to the site to catch the driver before he left, and in the process ended up really wanting to go back to bed, but this wasn’t going to happen. tired

Soil and Toil

As if it wasn’t bad enough there being one zombie on site, one or two of our crew members had also had problems sleeping the night previous. The shovels and wheelbarrows had a menacing edge to them and they looked really heavy and cumbersome, buy never mind, time to plod on. Despite the lethargy and slow plod we still managed to move the five tons of soil into raised beds by lunch time.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After dinner we planted two of the larger raised beds with first early potatoes and peas, and in the beds opposite to the main growing area 4 rhubarb plants. So considering that the day began with the pace of a snail and the motivation level of a seasoned 60s pot smoker we managed to get everything done that we discussed at the end of last weeks session, hats off to everyone who pushed their selves today, a great effort, and looking forward to seeing everyone on site next week, over and out!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA








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