Growing clinic @ Beechcroft community allotments 7th March

What a beautiful day today has turned out to be! On my arrival at the Beechcroft community allotment site in Darcy Lever I was met with the sounds of various birds chirping and calling and new buds and shoots dotted all over the site. Much of todays sessions was about two things, firstly a catch up with plot holders and some planning of raised beds, and secondly the planting and moving of fruit bushes. On an area of the site that had been cleared of bushes me and two of the children from the site set about planting blackberry cuttings which I have donated to the growers from my own black current bushes at home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We then, after much effort managed to carefully uproot a mature blackcurrant bush that has become starved of sunlight in recent years and then moved it to a sunnier spot with healthier looser soil to integrate the root system more effectively.

Planning for the year

We also discussed and began planning the crop rotation in the growers raised beds, to ensure that the soil remains healthy and fertile for the coming growing season by not planting the same stuff that was there in the previous year, crop rotation hase been with us for a very long time, and the reason why it has, is because it works.

One Growers raised bed

As a gardener of well over twenty years, it always interests me how folk design and use their raised beds, one fella on the site has sectioned his beds up in the style of square foot gardening only scaled up a little, he employed this method last year to one of his beds and managed to crop a variety of different produce from the bed, so he has expanded on this method this year, hoping to achieve a similar success of the previous year.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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