Growing clinic @ Red Lane Community allotments 27th Feb

The Red Lane community allotment site in Breightmet isn’t looking too bad this year, considering the cold weather and spots of icy weather we have been having recently. When I arrived at the site I was met by three of the growers who have working plots there. The first job of today’s session was giving out black current cuttings that I recently harvested from my own plants at home, I gave around a dozen away with instructions on how to plant themOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. The next bit of today’s session was distributing seeds to the growers who had turned up to the sessions, I gave out hundreds of purple sprouting broccoli, rocket and heirloom Brussels sprouts which will hopefully encourage growers to save their seeds giving them a little bit of resilience in uncertain economic times.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There was a spark of optimism in the air amongst the growers about having a fruitful year this year (pardon the pun) and I will certainly do my best to ensure that it is as fruitful as we can make it. We have always changed the day on which the allotment clinics will be held, this will enable those who are working to attend with their families. So all in all, not a bad session today in terms of giving growers and resources and talking about what we are going to do as the gardening season begins to kick in, onwards and upwards!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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