Willow Hey community food growing project update 26/02/15

When I woke this morning I looked out of the bedroom window, the rain was falling hard and thick, bouncing off car roofs and soaking everything it landed on almost instantly, great! Today is the day that five tons of organic soil is being dropped off outside the gates of our food growing project. I sat at the kitchen table with my brew tugging on a roll up glancing up at the sky wondering what to do, the easy way out was to ring the driver and try and cancel the order until the weather picked up, or just stop thinking about it, get my coat and head for the door, due to the unpredictable random nature of the weather, the first option seemed pointless, a quick click on the weather on my Laptop said that the rain would only fall for an hour so, this swayed me into going so I left for the site and predictably arrived there five minutes later like an over sized drowned rat soaked to the bone.

Planting an Orchard 

This week on the site, one of the main jobs has been planting a mixed fruit orchard at the far end of the site, as I dug into the soil before beginning the planting I found that the soil was rich in mycelium, this mycelium will help the fruit trees to connect with the soil and promote healthy growth. Luckily for us we found out very recently that one of the budget supermarkets had reduced the price of their fruit trees to £3.99, so by the end of next week we will have quite a sizable fruit orchard that has cost under a hundred pounds, this orchard will then provide fruit for decades into the future, adding to the resilience of the site and its capacity for outputs over time. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Filling the raised beds

So, back to today, and the job in hand is moving five tons of organic soil from the end of the path outside the project gate and onto the site and into the awaiting raised beds. We lined the inside of the single tier beds with layers of cardboard to suppress the growth of the grass underneath before adding the soilOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, where as the higher double raised beds were filled with logs first as they are our Hugel bedsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As we barrowed the soil to and fro the rain began to calm down somewhat, before eventually stopping, this was a great help to use because the chances of one of us falling on our arses due to wet slippery mud was very high indeed. With five of us on site today it only took us a matter of a few hours to move all of the soil into the beds taking the project onto the next level where can now begin to plant and grow things on the site, happy days!












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3 Responses to Willow Hey community food growing project update 26/02/15

  1. M KELLY says:

    Hi, where do you get your organic soil from?

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