Great Lever Chicken keeping Project

chicken poster

We have purposefully not started this project until the first whiff of spring 2015, our main reason for not starting in the autumn or winter is down to the fact that hens do not tend to lay eggs over the darker months of winter so it made sense to us that if we were starting a project that would be supplying struggling families with eggs, that it would be better if birds were laying when we installed the coups and runs in peoples gardens. And now as we approach spring so we begin the project, for anyone not familiar with this project it is a very direct and straight forward way of dealing with food poverty, we provide people on low or no income with some chickens, a large sack of food, a coup for them to live and lay eggs in, and a protected run where the birds can forage and feed in safety. we will also be providing ongoing support on how to care for the birds, and each keeper will receive a book on chicken keeping. Families will then have access to their own daily supply of free range eggs for around three years, and also a good supply of fertilizer for those who garden.


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