Willow Hey Community Food Growing Project: 29th Jan

As Northerners, we are very used to ‘Weather’ and have pretty much learned to make the best of whatever conditions are regularly thrown at us. and today we no exception to this rule, as I sat supping my tea and toking on my roll up this morning the snow was falling, wind was swirling and blowing and the air icy cold, time to leave for work!. One of todays jobs on the project is finishing off making the raised beds from recycled timber fencing. Landrover Dave has made an ingenious rig from pieces of timber, that enables us almost churn out the raised beds as if on an assembly line, which is just what you need when making more than a dozen beds. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hugel Beds

Once again we have been fortunate enough to have our own supply of timber coppiced from the site that we have been using to cook on, keep us warm, and also for Hugel beds for the long term fertility of the site, we know how well Hugel beds work because the beds that we trialled on our Community Roots Project produce greater volumes of food, so this something that we know works and will use it where ever we have a surplus of logs and branches.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Willow Hey – 1 Weather – 0

And as expected almost all the way through todays work day it has snowed, then it hailed, then it tried to rain, then reverted back to snow, we simply carried on regardless, if it got too cold we stood by the fire for five minutes and then back to making the raised beds, we have now completely filled one side of the site with raised beds.


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