Community Roots project update: A visit from Bez and Channel 4

Our first job of the day on site was the cropping of around thirty odd Leeks, whilst we were uprooting the Leeks from our Hugal beds, Bez and Oz from the Reality Party, Channel 4 Film crew and Andy Goldring the chief executive of the permaculture association arrived. After a number of meetings and interesting conversations with Bez who aside from running the Reality Party is also actively engaged in liaising with local councils with a view to creating a Permaculture Hub in Salford and a food forest, and working with local schools and keeping rooftop bee hives in the centre of Manchester, our paths naturally crossed and we connected.BEZ SOUTHFIELDS Much of us being filmed today is about how communities and community food growing groups are able to fight back very effectively against austerity measures by providing local people with freshly grown organic produce and a variety of other useful resources, and the learning of new skills and the social impact of meeting new people.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Set against a Political backdrop of wall to wall four shades of Neoliberalism Bez is effectively saying to voters ‘Look there is another way of doing this, we grow food, and grow communities and generate our own economies’ As a community group we are not supposed to be Political, but our connection and critique of Neoliberalism is more to do Philosophies, applied ecology and self reliant communities (economics) So when the Reality Party are in town we will always put the kettle on and get the biscuits out, and likewise for the Green Party should they ever approach us, our door is always open to people who have a solution based approach to social problems that is holistic in its methods. As a community group working within permaculture we are able to provide solutions to political problems that are workable, cost very little and can offer us a semblance of well being.


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