Willow Hey Community food growing project 15th Jan

”Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

It almost always seems to be the case that our winters seem to drag on and on, then suddenly thoughts of the growing season start to kick in and the pace of winter moving into spring begins to speed up. This is certainly the case with our project, it didn’t seem that long ago that were were clearing the overgrown site with billhooks and brush cutters and now are onto making the raised beds that will cover around half the site, and will also be buying seed potatoes over the weekend which we will chit in the two greenhouses.

From fences to raised beds

The raised beds themselves are being made from fencing panels which are currently being removed from a nearby Council estate to make way for new fencing. The panels are ideal for us to make raised beds from, the timber is good quality, its the right size and there is a lot of it, and that is what we have been doing for much of today.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA By the end of the day we had made over 30 raised beds in kit form, ready to be screwed together at next weeks session. We are also looking at supplying other growing projects with the fence panels, our own community Roots project at Southfields Pub and a new project in Breightmet will be making use of this huge amount of good quality timber which will be used for raised beds and coldframes ect.


A great team

I can never sing the praises of our team enough, everyone has worked really creatively and hard today, whether it was clearing and sorting felled and coppiced branches, or making up the raised beds in kit form, everyone pulled together and an organic team working system emerged where people moved about between the different tasks where they could see that they were needed, hats off to everyone! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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