Willow Hey Community food growing project: 10th Dec

And so the weather people at the Met office warned us in the North West of an approaching weather bomb, and for a change they were not wrong, so today we have worked through rain, howling winds and hailstone.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As we are still in the developmental stage of getting the site up and running for the spring of 2015 much of our work is still clearing the site of brambles, fallen tree branches and timber from the trees that we have pruned and coppiced during the last month.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of the saving graces of our work on the site at the moment is that we are able to build fires regularly that keep us warm during our breaks. One of the areas that we have been working on intensely during the last fortnight as the clearing of the rear end of the site where a mixed fruit tree orchard will be planted during Jan-Feb, this area was completely covered in bracken and various different types of creeping vine, but due to the hard work put in, the area will probably be cleared completely by the time I write the next blog update. During the festive period a few of us have decided that the we will have a few work days on the site during the break when we intend to carry out the bulk of the work on our outdoor kitchen and a site tidy up. Once again we praise the efforts of all of the people who came today and got stuck in, and not only that but what a thoroughly genuine bunch of people they are!


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