Red Lane Community Allotments: Dec 5th

Despite the coming of the winter weather during the last week, there was a good turn out at Red Lane Community allotment site today. I gave out blackcurrent cuttings to plot holders freshly cut from our garden at home, and brief instructions on how to plant them, as I have mentioned before in times of Scarcity and manufactured austerity perennial foods are very important for providing food over time as opposed to the one off cropping of seasonal plants, and this is something that we hope to continue in the new season of 2015.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Conversations about the growing season of 2015

Some of today’s conversations centred around the impact of Universal credit, the new benefits system, this has affected some of the growers as their overall benefit payments are down, which has had the effect of people being a lot more thrifty with their money as they choose whether or not to put their heating on or eat. At least our growers will have something eat during the growing season, and with this years gardening running into December some of the lads on the site are still taking food home, which would have otherwise finished in early October.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So as you might guess we will be looking at ramping up production on the site as the cuts begin to kick in once again. On the upside, some of the newer vegetables that we introduced to the site in spring have gone down well, a number of the growers have been taking Kale home and various leafed salad which they have never eaten before, and we will try and continue this in the new year with the introduction of different varieties and types of vegetables that not commonly seen on supermarket shelves, or are out of the price of our growers.


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