Willow Hey Community food growing project: Dec 3rd

As I sat pulling on a roll up and sipping on my usual pint cup of green tea first thing this morning, I noticed that the roofs across the way from the kitchen window were covered in ice, and it was bloody cold! Despite this I still cracked a smile, the sun was out, the sky was as clear as a bell, and today was Willow Hey community food growing project day. The first job of the day once on site was firing up the recently made stainless steel and clay rocket stove to boil some water for brews. One by one people arrived and we got stuck into the work of processing the pruned and coppiced timbers which we removed from the site to allow more sunlight coverage. landrover dave


We have now established a small makeshift kitchen on the site, which is basically an old brick made raised bed that doesn’t look like anythings grown in it for some time, this bed is situated in full view of the sun, and is just off centre of the site so it close to the path, and close to where the bulk of the seasonal produce will grow, and as with Kitchen spaces, in any culture and any social class they soon become full of people and conversation. sat by fire

Good Vibes and determination

One of the great things about working on this project is having such skilled and dedicated folk around, another great thing is the fact that there needs to be little in the way of meetings about the work we are doing, we arrive on site, have a chat and a brew for a few minutes and just get on with it. I have no doubt, even at this early stage that once fully up and running in the spring of 2015 that we will be in position to help local communities address food poverty and also provide local people with valuable skills.


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