Willow Hey Community food growing project update 19th Nov


Over handing branches being pruned to allow more sunlight onto the site.


Land rover Dave (Right) explaining to Woodsman Grez how the saw horse was made


A temporary cooking area.

Another good day on the Willow Hey site today. At the moment we are going all around the perimeter of the site and pruning branches and cutting down diseased trees, this helps to keep the site free of infection, and also provides us with extra areas in which to grow food that would have otherwise lacked in enough sunlight because of the over hanging tree branches. Landrover Dave who has been a part of the Willow Hey team virtually since the project began has made a saw horse for us to use on the site, and this is one of the great things about having such skilled people on board like Dave, not only is he an all rounder where making and repairing things is concerned he is also a mild mannered and chilled out type of fella, and its great to have around. One of our friends Wayne has also joined us a volunteer today for the first time, and between the three of us we managed to clear the rear of the site of overhanging branches and diseased trees, we must have cut around a ton of wood with our bow saws and ropes, all of which will be worked back into the project to make a small roundhouse shelter and will provide stakes for beans and plant support. We have also started to make  a temporary cooking area so that we are able to prepare meals and boil water for brews on site until the double burner rocket stove cooker is made later in the winter.





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