Community Roots project update: Men in sheds

Today’s work was really about tidying the site, anything that could not be composted or reused was added to the Pubs general rubbish bin, and all offcuts of timber from the making of the shelter were used to make a fire to warm us all on this chilled morning. In terms of actual gardening work, we planted on some cuttings that I had taken from a large blackberry plant in our back garden. Fruit is an important crop for our project as it is perennial, and will constantly give us fruit and new cuttings for new plants each year and for many years afterwards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We also pulled up the remaining Nasturtiums, which I have to say have never grown into the middle of November before.

Men in Sheds


Some of our team, made up of Woodsmen, community development workers, gardeners and tinkerers.

There are two good reasons why we have decided to run ‘Men in Sheds’ sessions on our site, firstly and most importantly we believe that men dont socialize and interact enough together and there are also sometimes issues of isolation and lack of confidence in dealing with everyday issues, these sessions align perfectly with the people care ethic of Permaculture that underpins our work, and also whilst our site is quieter during the winter we believe that these sessions will provide a vital and much needed series of workshops which make use of our site during times when little other work would be taking place. Local Neighbourhood Management has also shown an interest in Men in Sheds sessions, and we hoping to meet up with them during the next week or so and get these sessions going on a regular basis.



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