Red Lane community allotments 31st October

When I arrived at the Red Lane site there were already people busy attending their respective beds, and because of the unusually mild weather we have been having all the way through October, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is still the tail end of summer, there are still healthy flowers on the site, and since there has been no real first frost to speak of, plot holders Nasturtiums are still going strong. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Seed Saving

There is little chance the economic situation picking up for people on the estates of Breightmet, so I have been encouraging growers to save seeds from their crops, we now have a situation where some of the plot holder have amassed thousands of seeds which they than then sow in the growing season of 2015, including sunflowers seeds, kale seeds, nasturtium seeds and radish pods, this will save growers money and ensure that whatever happens next year that they will have seeds to sow.

Edible winter plants

As part of my work at Redlane I have bringing various edible winter plants onto the site for growers to plant in their beds, today I brought some of my own mised Chard plants for the growers, and they were eagily snapped up and planted when I gave the pots out, the more people can grow edible plants during the winter, the more food they have to eat, and the less money they spend at supermarkets.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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