Community roots project update: Into the Autumn we go!

And so the seasons have finally moved, a more defined nip in the air since our last visit to the site and definitely a lot more rain, relentless rain!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For the last few weeks we have been toing and froing with wheelbarrows full of well rotted manure, courtesy Land rover Dave of our man out in the sticks, and this week is our last batch of manure until we have filled the remainder of the beds with soil which we will be delivered to the site next week. Once the manure was all barrowed in (thanks Ricardo!) we set about cropping the last of the beetroot and carrots, both of which have done really well again this year.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 The Shelter of Knowledge

The shelter of Knowledge is a large wooden shelter that myself, Chris Wood and Rik Haworth made last year from railway sleepers and fencing timber. It is the place we all sit and have a chat and a smoke before the Tuesday sessions start. The shelter itself has been home to some amazing conversations  and knowledge sharing since it was built and today was no exception, on the conversation menu today was the similarities that exists between pre monotheistic religions, in particular Hinduism and the Irish Celtic traditions, we also spoke about our admiration for Owen Jones and Naomi Klein, nutrition from juiced vegetables, plant breeding, permaculture and feeding our bit of Bolton next year. It seems that there is something of a renaissance going on in Great Lever, people are starting to make and create things again, people are growing food and sharing their produce, it may only be small at the moment but numbers are growing. After the shelter of knowledge conversation we all went about our work around the site readying it for the coming winter.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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