Gardening clinic @ Beechcroft Community allotments: 4th October

After almost none stop rain all night, it started again this morning, with no intentions of stopping. Great weather for plants and soil, but not that good if you are trying to garden in it. Never the less I arrived at Beechcroft Community allotment site armed with a carrier bag of goodies. Once on the site I divided up the contents of the bag which contained fifty onion set and three large bulbs of Marco seed garlic, after a quick demonstation of how to plant these two overwintering veggies, the growers soon got down to planting in their own raised beds.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mild for the time of year

As I walked round the site checking what was going on in people respective raised beds, it was a similar story to the Red Lane community plots, still lots of crops and flowers about despite the fact that we are into the first week of October, Carol one of the growers on the site told me that she cropped a huge bag of French climbing bags only a day or so earlier, the said plants where she harvested the beans was still producing and looking really healthy. One of the other growers had just begun cropping his sweetcorn, they too were in great condition and ripe and ready for picking.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Before leaving the site we had a quick chat about some of the work that we intend to do over the winter months, some of the ideas that came up included the pruning of all of the trees round the perimeter of the site, making bird and insect boxes and picking and making chutneys with some of the produce that will ready to crop by the time I next visit, its great to work such a lively and motivated group of people and I eagerly look forward to my next visit to this particular allotment site.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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