Get growing Greenroyd: The end of the begining

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

T.S. Elliot

And so, the very last day of the ‘Get growing Greenroyd’ project in Breightmet, Ive had a great time delivering this project who live on a large council estate that is effectively a food desert in terms of people having access to fresh fruit and vegetables, the growers have learned a few things about gardening and have food in their bellies from their own home grown produce, and now the winds turn cooler and the skies darken as we roll slowly into the autumn and the end of the growing season and project alike. My first job of today was adding the final touches to a Hen house that I started building last week for Tracy, Craig and family.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I am building this Hen house in my own time as the project officially ended two weeks ago in terms of me being paid, but to me there are a lot more important things than making money, and helping a struggling family to keep chickens and eat freshly laid eggs is certainly one of them, and the fact that they made a commitment by spending fifteen pounds of their own money on timber for the chicken house. The plan is that once they have fully cleared their garden in a week or so time I will go back, build an enclose for the chicken house in their back garden and then go and see a man about some chickens.

Hen house almost ready, just needs a door and some hinges for the opening roof.

Hen house almost ready, just needs a door and some hinges for the opening roof.


Half of the garden cleared of rubbish and rubble with help from their Neighbours who helped with the digging and clearing.

To continue with Tracy and Craig a little further, since I last visited them a week ago they have dug up half of their garden to begin the process of getting rid of old tiles, bed springs and other assorted construction rubbish. It such a great thing to see them taking their own initiative and just getting on with it.

Back up at the Hub

I left Tracy and Craigs and went back up to the Hub building, and finish off tidying and planting out winter vegetables in the raised beds. The Hub building as I have been referring to it throughout this project is a House where the charity Heart Lift are based, who do a variety of different types of support work with members of the local community. Over the months I have gotten to know a good few people who attend the sessions at the house, one group in particular who I have got to know a little are the Knitting and nattering group, a few of whom are keen gardeners and vegetable growers, every week during the summer one of the group usually makes me a cup of tea and I harvest something from the raised beds for them to share amongst themselves and take home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For the last hour of the project I took five minutes to sit out in the back garden smoking a fag and drinking tea thinking about my time working on the estate. For the remainder of my work day I cleared one of the raised beds of grass shoots and weeds and planted on some chard, winter cabbage, and two blackcurrant bushes, which will provide food for the groups who use the house for a good months after I,m gone.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I would like to thank Tony Cottam and Lisa Forrest of Bolton at Home, Sayyid, Sarah and Nikita, Tracey, Craig and the Boys, Lisa and Family, Rik and family, Janet, Abbey and Tegan and all the good folk in Breightmet who have I got to know since beginning my work here in late March, Love y’all!





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