Get growing Greenroyd: Seeds and chicken coups

The first hour of today was spent chatting to growers about winter gardening, what to sow, what to harvest and when they can start gardening again in the early spring, such a keen lot they are. After this advice session I set about building a chicken house for one of the growers who is keen to keep chickens for eggs for her family. Before I left home this morning I put together and assortment of different sized nails as I had no idea what sort of wood the growers got hold of, so when I called at Tracey’s I was met with various offcuts of planed wood, pallet wood, and offcuts of 4×3 post timber, And with no particular plan in mind I set about sorting the timber into lengths to dry in the sun, this gave me a bit time to think about what the finished coup might look like.

the beginnings of the roof for the coup

the beginnings of the roof for the coup

We decided that the best idea in terms of design was to utilize a framed wooden packing pallet that the timber arrived in, in theory we could just pin pieces of timber to the wooden frame to make a sealed box shape and then move onto the doorway once the packing pallet had been covered on boards and sealed, simple in theory at least! 🙂 After a lot of messing about, thinking and getting slightly annoyed with the cold winds irritating me as I worked away on the boards, the whole thing began to slowly come together and begin to resemble the box shape that we were after as the main body of the coup. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring my lunch break I made use of the sat down time by sorting out the growers multiple packets of seeds for the 2015 gardening season.

seed sorting

seed sorting with one of the growers

we decided to put these seed packs together because people were keen to continue their growing into a second year and beyond, so at least now they will have a good few thousand seeds each to start them off at the beginning of the next growing season in 2015, and from our end of this, this also ensures that there is continuity to this project despite the fact that my work here ends very soon, though I have no doubt that I will visit them next year to offer any advice on growing when I can.

vegetable seeds packed in envelopes ready to give the growers for next year.

vegetable seeds packed in envelopes ready to give the growers for next year.

After giving the seeds out to the growers it was time to get back on the chicken coup and get it sorted, running out of short length nails hadn’t made the job of continuing any easier, so it was simply a case of using what we had available to us, which came in the form of four inch nails, the nails were a little too big for the job but could were still used and the protruding points of the nails were hammed against the side of the timber. Having not done a great deal of joinery of late other than making raised beds at our project site in Great Lever, I was feeling quietly pleased with myself with today’s progress,  I had at least managed to make the body of the coup and the roof, the whole thing will be finished completely when I visit the growers for the last time next week.

the coup and roof finally taking shape.

the coup and roof finally taking shape.









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