Get growing Greenroyd: The art of street cooking and feeding your neighbours

Today is a day Ive been looking forward to for ages, today is the day that our growers get to cook some of the produce that they have grown, along with some produce that we have bought in. The aims for today were really about two things, firstly, giving people some ideas about the different dishes that they can make with their produce, and secondly to eat this lovely food with their neighbours who they have been growing with throughout this gardening season.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All pull together!

The jobs and duties of our outdoor kitchen were divided up between myself who chopped and peeled veg, Lisa, who supplied us with a bench to sit on and some spoons to eat with, Tracey, who supplied us with table, pans, chairs and the use of her front garden, and Sarah who made a rice and vegetable based Iranian dish with aubergine mince and an Iranian salad that tasted amazing, once again I would like to remind readers that this isn’t some gastro foody project, this is a large Council estate in the middle of Bolton that has lots of social issues, but its a place where people are willing to try things out as they done with the food growing and now the street cookery.

feeding our neighbours

Within half of an hour of us cooking in the street people suddenly appeared from nowhere and were interested in what was going, so we took full advantage of this and fed people as they passed by Tracey’s garden. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll in all we managed to feed around sixteen people, some were our growers and some were Mums and kids walking down the Avenue from the local School. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Never say goodbye

My work will be ending at Greenroyd very soon, and its been great working with and getting to know the growers and their families, but I will still keep in contact with them for any growing advice they might need, and there is also some talk of helping one or two of the families to make hen houses so they can keep chickens, there is something very human and very special when you form bonds with people though gardening, so no doubt our potting trowels will cross paths again.







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