Bolton Urban Growers @ Breightmet UCAN centre open day

Today we had a stall outside Breightmet UCAN centre as part of their open day, I had a large table with lots of potted herbs and perennial edibles, lots of back issues of veg growing magazines and thousands of seeds of overwintering vegetables. Since we began the ‘Get Growing Greenroyd’ earlier this year and the Red Lane community allotment project, more new growers have suddenly appeared on the Breightmet landscape, word of mouth travels fast round these parts, which has enabled us to sign up seventeen potential new growers for our work in the spring of 2015. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

People are beginning to ‘get it’ with food growing

Whilst giving out plants, seeds and gardening magazines I had some interesting conversations with people who had spoken to relatives who gardened, at least three people said they wanted to grow their own food based on trying the produce that relatives had grown and spoke of the amazing fresh taste of the produce, one person summed up the situation perfectly when he said ‘I dont know why more people dont grow their own food, a packet of five hundred cabbage seeds costs a pound, so that’s five hundred cabbages for a pound’ Some of the other new growers had heard about our Greenroyd and Red Lane projects and were keen to take up the potting trowel based on what they had heard from growers at both site. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Kick food poverty into touch

One of the great things about Breightmet that Bolton at Home manager Tony Cottam pointed out to me when I initially began working here earlier in the year was how ‘garden Rich’ the area was, almost all of the social housing stock on the estate have front and back gardens, and with food prices ever increasing and wages ever decreasing this is a great opportunity for people to move in a direction, to grow their own, share it with their neighbours and family and have a great deal of fun and wind down time in the process, Breighmet residents could grow a sizable chunk of their yearly fruit and vegetable intake in their spacious gardens.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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