Community roots project update: September 16th

Today we continued stacking up branches and logs inside our hugel raised beds in preparation for their soil covering next Tuesday which will arrive on the site from a local gardeners and builders suppliers. It Was also great to catch up with Karen our oldest grower who is in her 70s, Karen was seeking advice about growing into the winter season, which is something that many of our growers are keen to do having enjoyed themselves so much this season, so I agreed to bring some winter cabbage and kale plug plants for her next Tuesday and she is going to source some overwintering onions. After chatting with Karen I began work on a small softfruit and herb bed, planting on black currents, josta berries, rhubarb, mint and lemon balm. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the remainder of the session we cropped around a dozen courgettes, some of them quite sizable, its been a very good year for courgettes, our four plants on site have been giving us around 12-16 courgettes a week since July, the plants themselves are huge and looks like they will still be giving us fruits until the arrival of the first frosts. We also had a visit from a friend of ours ‘Land Rover Dave’ who has agreed to provide us with us much rotted down horse manure as our site can take free of charge, this is great for us as it means that we can bring fertility onto the site from fairly close by from a Farm where Dave sometimes works, and it will also reduce the amount of money we are spending on bringing ton bags of site onto the site.


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