Gardening and wellbeing @ the courtyard: Last session of 2014

‘I don’t know how people deal with their moods when they have no garden, raspberry patch or field to work in. You can take your angers, frustrations, bewilderment’s to the earth, working savagely, working up a sweat and an ache and a great weariness. The work rinses out the cup of your spirit, leaves it washed and clean and ready to be freshly filled with new hope’
Rachel Peden

Although this is the last session of the Gardening and well being project, there is little in the way of sadness because we will be back bringing the project into life in the early spring of 2014. One of Bolton Steps team has agreed to water the plants in the courtyard and produce will be cropped and used by the project when it is ready. During today’s session our growers sowed giant winter spinach seeds and Aquadulce broad beans. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the remainder of the session, we chatted, composted weeds and had a general tidy up around the growing area. Its been a real pleasure for me coming back to Bolton Steps to deliver this project and I wouldn’t have missed any of these sessions for the world, so from me I would like thank Ruth Haigh the Chief Executive of Bolton Steps, and Wayne and Landrover Dave from Steps FIX-IT project without whom this project would not have happened, and of course not forgetting all of the lovely people who have attended this project, some of whom will be coming over to our community Roots project in Great Lever during the winter time and returning to Steps in the spring, hopefully having picked up some new skills from our project.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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