Get growing Greenroyd: 10th September

Another great day at the get growing Greenroyd project today, the morning began with a fruitful and lively meeting with Tony and Lisa from Bolton at Home we discussed the pros and cons of the project, and the continuity plan for growing in Breightmet in 2015, after the meeting we went for a quick visit to a local wildflower meadow smack bang in the middle of the Estate that Tony had initiated and managed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

time with the growers

After a quick lunch it was time to walk down the avenue and hook up with the growers of Greenroyd, the first person I bumped into was Saayid, who was very excited to show me the growing patch in his garden that is designated for vegetable growing, and sure enough his plants were thriving, he had cropped some peas and his cucumbers were almost ready to crop, climbing French and runner beans that were about a week away from picking and some coriander that has come in very useful to his sister who regularly cooks Iranian dishes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After Saayids I gave Tracey a knock and checked out their back garden, once again there were cucumbers, lots of oak leaf lettuce ready for picking, and some beets that will be ready in a week or so. They also cropped a batch of their maincrop potatoes which would form part of their evening meal. Whilst in Tracey’s garden, Craig another of our growers popped his head over the fence and said ‘Hey Steve, those potatoes were beautiful, we cropped ours last week’ to me this is music to my ears as there is no doubt that he will definitely grow his own again next year. Craig also cropped one of Tracey’s cucumbers by mistake whilst examining the vine, so it was shared out between the four of us in the garden, and everyone commented on the lovely sweet taste as it was passed around. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore I left the Avenue we had a quick meeting with the residents who were about and we have organized a street cook-in for next weeks session, for this we will have rocket stoves and camping stoves set up in Tracey’s front garden, I will cook vegetarian snacks and tasters and Saayids Sister Sarah invited her Mum over from Salford who by all accounts is one of the best cooks ever to come out of Iran, and she will cook different meat dishes. This mini street party will begin around an hour before the Mums pick up their kids from the School further up the Avenue, so hopefully we can catch the Mums and kids on the way down the hill and offer them some of our food as they pass bye, the idea behind this is really about showing residents some of the simple and easy to cook healthy food that they can make with their home grown produce.


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