Gardening and wellbeing @ the courtyard 8th September

As the year draws to a close in terms of warmth and good weather so too are our Gardening and Well being sessions at the Courtyard, but there is no sadness here as we will be returning to the project in early spring to continue our work. So today’s session was really about planting on some winter spinach, chard and onions into larger containers and boxes, we also discussed with the growers that were more than welcome to attend the sessions that we run at our own HQ in the grounds of Southfields Pub in Great Lever over the winter in order to continue interacting with others and taking in the valuable daylight and occasional sunlight of the winter. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We also discussed what sort of gardening related activities we could do in the remaining week or so of the courtyard project, and with any luck we might end with some robust and deep raised beds in the courtyard which could extend the project a little in terms of giving us another week of planting. Its been great having some quality conversation time with the growers today, they are really enjoying the gardening and laid back nature of the sessions and this is something that this project will work on and develop when we take it into its second year in 2015. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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