Beechcroft community allotment: Carol and Sarah’s produce

Down at the Beechcroft community allotment site in Darcy Lever where I hold my gardening clinic sessions there is some interesting things going down of late with folk on the site, friends Carol and Sarah who grow on the site have been making jams, chutneys and eating their own home grown fresh veg on a regular basis, and with each passing meeting that I have with them they have learned how to make something new from their grown produce.10355673_10203818736890967_104770973378328027_o Our two growers are only too aware of the whole wasteful and destructive scenarios surrounding industrial production and both are keen to get away from this and become as self sufficient in food and other grow-able resources as they can. Once of the reasons why I think Sarah and Carol will probably succeed in their endeavors is the fact they help other out, and are both willing to try things out and do their research, and this has paid off for them this year. 10531447_10203851135340908_3875023724779555581_oBut our growers are not from some affluent leafy Cheshire suburb, this is a different story of self reliance, this is two women on a housing estate in Bolton who have applied their selves and are getting results. This weekend I will be working at the Beechcroft Community allotment and look forward to making preparations from Elderberries and Blackberries with Carol, Sarah and the other growers.1888854_10203982657108870_1703457413497944829_o








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