Community Roots project update 2nd September

Another busy and fruitful day at our Community Project based in the grounds of Southfields Pub in Great Lever Bolton. Our day began with our usual conversations in the aptly nicknamed shed of Knowledge about community development, resilience, permaculture and a whole host of other stuff from Theology, to Festivals, to social justice. After this weekly ritual we set about putting the raised beds together and situating them along with the beds we made last year and earlier this year.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The idea now as we move towards autumn is to get as many raised beds and large wooden grow boxes on the site so that we are able to double or even treble our growing capacity for 2015, being the realists that we are, we are quite aware that whoever ends up forming the new Government next year that little is likely to change for people being sanctioned by the DWP, or having the wages frozen whilst food prices rocket, so our larger capacity is really a response to the current dire economic situation that has been imposed on us by the Neoliberal coalition Government that is currently in power. So back to our work for today, between three of us we managed to make 6 large raised beds in the morning, some single Decker which will be for growing surface crops, and some double Decker to accommodate root vegetables. The beds themselves will be based on Hugelkultur design where the beds are first filled with organic matter, branches, twigs and logs, this system of growing releases the nutrients from the decaying organic matter and wood over a period of time. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter we’d finished making the reds I had a quick nip round the sound to do some cropping before rushing off to a meeting at half twelve at the Great Lever connected building where we are currently delivering accredited IT to unemployed members of our community. Once again, a great day of work and of working together, big up Chris Wood, Ricardo, Lesley and Rickie! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA









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