Growing clinic @ Red Lane community allotments 22nd August

An interesting day at Red Lane community allotment site today, we discussed only growing what you actually like eating so as to reduce waste and eat more of what is good for you, the different times of year for sowing certain seeds, and how the people on site will continue growing things throughout the winter. Aside from this useful discussion, Alan sowed several different varieties of winter salad stuff that I had provided, including giant winter spinach, winter density lettuce, and over wintering onions. We also cropped some rhubarb and a few beans. since I last visited the site there is now a covered seating area where growers can go when it starts to rain, and a two tables and chairs in the central area of the site where people can sit when taking a break from their work.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Its great too see the effort and determination shown by the growers, they have really turned this site and around and made it very viable indeed. There was problem is solved now as they have large containers, baths, water butts dotted about the site which has enabled growers to water their plants regularly. And as the gardening season slowly begins to wind down, growers are seeing the fruits of their Labours by regularly taking home the produce that they have grown in their respective raised beds, so all is good in this corner of Bolton! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







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