Get growing Greenroyd 20th August

When I arrived at Greenroyd Avenue this morning, there were a few jobs that needed doing urgently, the raised beds at the Hub house were weeded, tidied up and watered, and the crops from the beds, including courgettes, mange tout, and radishes were give out to local residents and members of the womens knitting group that is held at the Hub house. After the tidying and cropping spree I potted on herbs into large pots for the growers, and sowed seeds giant winter spinach, winter cabbage and rainbow chard which will form part of the growers winter crops along with garlic and onions in mid September. DCIM100MEDIA

An afternoon with the growers

Once all of the herbs were potted on, I had a quick lunch and then walked down the avenue to hook with the growers, first port of call was Sayyid’s, he had been very growing and cropping various things in the last few weeks in his back garden growing area, which is situated in the sunniest part of the garden. DCIM100MEDIAI left Sayyid with a healthy mint plant which his sister will use in her lovely Iranian cooking. I also left him with a sage plant and some Greek Oregano which his sister is also familiar with in her cooking. After spending some time with Sayyid, I called on Tracy and Craig who live next door. Their crops were doing will, and Tracy had cropped some courgettes and late strawberries recently. At the bottom of their garden is a raised bed filled with cabbages, there was a little slug damage but I think they will survive as the weather becomes colder and the slugs disappear. DCIM100MEDIAAt the top end of their garden they have another raised bed filled with beetroot, lettuce and cucumber plants, this bed was also looking really good, with hardly any damage to the plants at all. DCIM100MEDIAbefore leaving Tracy and Craig’s house we cropped the last bag of their first early potatoes. DCIM100MEDIAThe next port of call was Ricks, I dropped off a few pots of herbs in his front garden whilst they were out, then onto Lisa’s for a drop of herb plants and carrot’s who was also out, then dropped the final herb pots off at our other two newer growers, and yes, they were out too.








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