A busy day: Community Roots project update and Cawder Walk environmental event

Its been a busy old today today, the morning was spent on our project site and HQ in Great Lever where we planted on some purple kale, and cropped Beetroot, onions, climbing french beans and yes, more courgettes. The beets that we cropped will be pickled during the next day or so and will be given away to our growers and members of the local community. We also uprooted various weeds and plants that have grown on the surface of the disused tennis court for composting, during the next week or so we will be busy making raised beds and filling them with soil, but that’s another blog post. DCIM100MEDIA

Cawder Walk environmental event

Cawder walk is on a Council estate in Farnworth Bolton, the estate has had some negative press during the last year of so because of Class A drug dealing on the estate, since those days many of the dealers have been arrested and given custodial prison sentences, and the estate is now trying to return to some semblance of normality after years of organized crime. As part of the estates recovery Bolton at Home and Neighbourhood Management in partnership with the Police and local community groups hosted the Cawder Walk environmental event at which we were asked to work and attend by Community Development worker Chris Wood. DCIM100MEDIAKids from the estate helped to plant out perennial shrubs in the raised beds, they also filled hanging baskets with compost and flowers, and painted bird boxes which will be hung from trees once the paint has dried. Bolton at Home and Neighbourhood Management laid on spme traditional Bolton food consisting of pasties, red cabbage and mushy peas which went down very well with the hard working kids and their mums who had been planting and preparing during most of the afternoon. A great little event that was well attended with lots of friendly interaction going down between neighbours old and new, a great day! DCIM100MEDIA





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