Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 18th August

Just as we all went out into the Courtyard to begin todays session, the skies opened up and the rain began to fall. Luckily for us Ruth the Chief Executive of Bolton Steps had bought a Gazebo earlier on in the summer, so without further a do we set about putting the Gazebo together in the rain, after ten or so minutes trying to decipher the ill translated instructions we managed to put it together successfully. DCIM100MEDIA Once the Gazebo was in place, we tied it off to a strong drain, and put large bricks around its base to secure it to the ground in the event of any rogue winds that managed to make their way into the built up walls of the courtyard. DCIM100MEDIA

Sowing more winter seeds

Now that we had cover from the rain we got down to the job of sowing our winter vegetable seeds, and on today’s seed menu, we have January King Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage, winter density lettuce and winter giant spinach. We sowed the seeds into our usual mixture of coir and compost, all in all we sowed around a hundred and fifty seeds into trays, and any containers that we could utilize for a second life. Our jobs in the coming weeks will be to make some large beds and growing areas that we can use for moving on the many hundreds of seedlings that we have sown during the last month. DCIM100MEDIA






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