Community Roots project update 5th August

One of the great things about this time of the year is seeing the fruits of our Labour (pardon the pun) and the fruits of our Labour on the project today was a huge amount of white onions, massive over sized Courgettes and beetroot.DCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIA There was so much produce that came from one of the beds that we had to move it off site in a large wheelbarrow. DCIM100MEDIA

Supporting people

Much of today’s produce was donated to Spirit of Trust who are a grass roots community group formed and run by local women, Spirit of Trust accept donations of all kinds of food, including fresh produce, they then cook up a large meal every Tuesday evening and feed people who are unable to feed their selves because of ideological cuts to social provision and low wages. They also give people food boxes from their donations that they then distribute to people in Bolton. When ever we are able to, we will continue to donate some our fresh produce to this group simply because they do amazing work in their efforts to feed the needy people of Bolton.

Thank You!

On the way off site today, we gave Graeme the Landlord of the Pub who allows us to use his disused tennis courts some of our site grown produce as a small way of saying thank you for both allowing us to use the tennis courts free of charge, and also for being generally supportive of community activities in Great Lever by making rooms in his pub available free of charge for community activities, he is a great guy who we have a lot of respect for.


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