Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 4th August

Today at the Courtyard we got down to some good old teamwork, one group of growers lined boxes and containers that I had liberated from the refuse area of the building, whilst another group set about mixing coir and water in a large container, then added it to our compost mix once the coir had fully expanded. DCIM100MEDIA

The Race against time – Sowing more winter vegetable seeds

Whilst the first two groups busily worked away at their jobs, the third group, consisting of myself and the  two remaining growers sowed seeds into the containers that had been filled with the finished compost and coir mixture, we sowed dozens of different varieties of winter cabbage, onions, and yes, you guessed it more beetroots and radishes that will be available to crop just as winter kicks in properly. DCIM100MEDIA

Potted on Mint

As part of the last session in the Courtyard I showed the growers how to plant on a piece of mint taken from the rhizome, which they did very successfully and now the new mint plants are growing like wildfire, which is great as the more produce that we can grow for the projects Cafe, the greater its resilience in uncertain and turbulent economic times. DCIM100MEDIA






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