Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 28th July

Today at the gardening and well being session we all got down to the business of sowing and planting as soon as everyone had arrived, a good level of enthusiasm seems to have developed in such a relatively short time. As the garden season as rapidly ticking ever faster and faster towards autumn we sowed dozens of beetroot, kale, winter cabbage, and of course the humble and old reliable radish. I also showed the new gardeners how to take a cutting of mint from rhizome, so we now have around half a dozen pots of mint which will be used in the Cafe at Bolton Steps DCIM100MEDIA  Considering that this project has not been running for very long the floor of the courtyard has soon filled up with seed trays, and all manner of container that are fit to grow plants in, and once again this is down to the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the growers on the project. As we head towards the autumn, I will begin to introduce workshops into the project as a means of extending it, and providing growers with a new set of useful skills that they will be able to utilize in their daily lives. DCIM100MEDIASo all in all a great afternoons gardening at the Courtyard, and a big thank you to Wayne Fix-It for helping out, and to the growers for turning up and getting stuck in.



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