Growing clinic @ Red Lane community allotments 25th July

Our changing climate is definitely having an effect on the type of crops that will grow here in the uk, and this is certainly the case on the Red Lane community allotment site in Breightmet where Chris one of the growers on site has been growing green Birds Eye chillies outdoors, some of which he has cropped already, the rest are growing really well, and no doubt he will have many more of these fiery little chillies before the season is out.  Today I took a variety of my own seeds up to Red Lane and divided them out amongst the growers, who immediately sowed the seeds into their respective raised beds. The site itself is looking very good at the moment, the combination of warm weather and water harvesting on the site has proved to be a winner. DCIM100MEDIA

Tinkering and experimenting

Simon one of the newer growers on the site has made himself a neat little cold frame for his Tomatoes from stuff that he found lying about the site and local area, Alan has also made a good deal of different things from wooden off cuts, during a conversation that we had about making things, all of the growers spoke of it being pointless buying many resources when they can be made from stuff that has been thrown away of fly tipped. DCIM100MEDIAIts great for me to see so many people trying things out and experimenting with different ways of making things and different ways of gardening, all of the people on the site are largely self taught when it comes to growing, and many are now getting to a good level of understanding in their work, which once again for is great to see and it inspires me no end knowing that this group of residents are dealing with the issues of food poverty directly by growing much of their own, and I would also say that the growers have also grown in confidence and are taking pride in the upkeep and maintenance of the site. DCIM100MEDIA





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