Get growing Greenroyd 23rd July

when I arrived at the Hub house on Greenroyd Avenue the first job of the day before anything else was watering the plants and newly emerging seedlings which were looking a little worse for ware due to the prolonged and intense heat of the last few weeks. All of the growers were out and about in the morning so I set to work filling pots full of different seeds and plants, ready to be dispatched to the growers on their return. DCIM100MEDIAIn the afternoon the growers slowly began returning back to the Avenue, I met up with Sayyid first who informed me of some very sad news, one of the growers has just discovered that she has Cancer, Sayyid had been helping her make her front garden look nice since finding out the terrible news, so next week I will get  some blue flowers  to put in her front garden, because blue flowers are her favorites.

In the afternoon

After a short meeting with Lisa and Tony from Bolton at Home, it was time to head up and down the Avenue with my wheelbarrow loaded full of large pots. DCIM100MEDIAIn the course of the after I managed to barrow around 30 large pots down to different growers houses and gave them a good watering after dropping them off. It was great to see that Sayyid had also been helping out some of the growers with planting on and seed sowing. DCIM100MEDIAThe last job of the day was dropping off some pots, compost and seeds for one of our newer growers daughters who has taken to gardening like a duck to water.





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