Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 21st July

Today at the Gardening and Well being session at Bolton Steps HQ in Victoria Hall we planted on the last of the climbing beans into various sized pots and continued sowing seeds into a variety of different recycled trays, on today’s menu was carrots, three different types of lettuce, radish, Kale and some cabbages. DCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIAAs the Courtyard only gets sun on the right hand wall we were lucky enough to have been able to garden the afternoon away without sweating buckets and being really hot, this few degrees of extra coolness paid dividends because we managed to get a lot more done than if we had worked in the sweltering heat.

Growing together

One of the great things I noticed about today was the way that people who had never met each other, or knew very little of each of other were working together and interacting, this just happened naturally whenever one person saw another working on something that required more than one pair of hands. By the end of the session all of the containers were filled and put close to the right hand wall to catch the heat and sun, a good session today all in all, lots of smiles, work and chatting amongst different growers. DCIM100MEDIA






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