Get growing Greenroyd: Sunshine gardening

As I sat drinking my brew and tugging on my roll up this morning, my customary glance at the sky to check out the weather was a futile and pointless exercise, the sun was blazing, it was very warm and the clouds virtually none existent. By the time I arrived at Greenroyd Avenue, the temperature was already in its early twenties, it would have to be a paced and measured gardening style today, no running round like a blue arsed fly just gentle plodding. The first jobs of the morning were sowing seeds into the two raised beds at the Hub house and giving them a damn good watering, followed by sowing carrot seed into large pots, and planting on the climbing French beans.DCIM100MEDIA

Working with the Growers

After a largely liquid lunch down to the fact that pastie I bought from one of the only shops on the estate was covered in mold and a week out of date, I ferried the large pots to and fro to the growers houses. Myself and Syyid then planted a plum tree in his Sisters back garden, and some climbing french beans at the side of his lawn. DCIM100MEDIAI then spent some time with our newest growers at the bottom end of Greenroyd, I left them with some large bean and salad pots, and agreed to sort their daughter out with her own seed sowing kit when I next visit the estate a week on Thursday.DCIM100MEDIA Some of our growers crops have started to come in, including strawberries, new potatoes, mange tout, courgettes and lettuce, there will no doubt be much more coming soon due to this hot summer interspersed with rainfall that we have been having.



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