Community roots project update: crops galore!

Myself and Chris wood arrived at Southfields just after nine this morning, we were met by a huge cardoon that was now around seven feet high, and small cardoons that surrounded it were around five feet high, the one off blast of rain and sun over the last couple of weeks was has really made everything on the site ha really rocketed in size since last week. The best part of the morning was taken up with the cropping of a large amount of broad beans, courgettes of various sizes and onions. DCIM100MEDIAWe also spent some time with Karen are oldest grower who has just come back from a week away and immediately returned to food growing in her garden, her enthusiasm fires our own, and it was good to see her looking lively and well on her return.

Local food for local communities

Within the next two days, a good of the food that we have grown and harvested on site here at our project will be sorted and divided into food bags to be distributed to members of the community free of charge, or for a small donation if people can afford it which we will put aside to buy next seasons seeds with. DCIM100MEDIA

wild flowers

At the bottom end of the site we have a small wildflower area that grow in channels that are connected to two young crab apple trees, we also have a small pound that is surrounded by flowers and herbs. DCIM100MEDIALuckily for us there are already some wild foxgloves and hollyhocks that have successfully managed to thrive in the clay covering of the tennis court on which our site is based. DCIM100MEDIAOver time we really hope to expand the wildflowers and perennials flower areas on the site.






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