Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 14th July

Today was the second session of ‘Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard’ and I was really surprised that double the amount of people turned up today compared to last week. Todays session was all about planting out and seed sowing to ensure that there will be crops in later summer and into the autumn. DCIM100MEDIAI bought some cabbage plug plants and climbing bean plugs to todays session from my own stock at home, which were planted into the old bread trays that we are growing in. despite a few attempts at the rain the sky held out until the last minutes of the session before releasing its heavy liquid load on. At least the avalanche of rain ensured that all of the plants and seeds were thoroughly watered ready for next weeks session. As you see in the picture to the left, everyone got involved in the session.DCIM100MEDIA None of the new people who turned up to this weeks session had ever grown anything before, so they were first in the group to who got to sow todays seeds into the many trays that are lined up and raised against the courtyard wall. Today’s seeding included 4 different varieties of salad leave and lettuce, Radishes and beetroot. All of our growers seemed to enjoy today’s session with lots of smiling faces and easy conversation between people who had never met, and as we left people made a point of saying ‘See you next week’ which is encouraging to hear. DCIM100MEDIA






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