Get growing Great Lever: Jeanettes garden

One of our get growing Great Lever Growers Jeanette has gardened before so has not needed any hands of help from us with her growing. She started much earlier in the year growing in large pots in her back garden and has progressed and expanded her garden since that time. fair 021(2)She is now regularly cropping peas, courgettes, strawberries, radish and potatoes from her back garden, which is saving them money and ensuring that they are able to eat well with the produce from their garden. Like some of our other growers Jeanette is really making strides with growing her own food and she will no doubt expand on this as her level of expertise continues to go from strength to strength, and we will certainly help her on this path in whatever ways we are able to. 10531455_732304703496577_666293843609945321_oAs we have touched on before, home food production is the way forward in these uncertain times in which our agricultural systems are bursting at the seems to the point of failure, if can manage to get people growing and prove how viable it actually is, then we are onto a winner and a future where the food on our plates will contain no chemicals and pesticides and higher levels of anti-oxidants, and its people like Jeanette and our other growers who moving in the right direction where home grown food is concerned. 10531457_732304680163246_5705162932143916305_o






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