Bolton Urban Growers @ Northwest Transition conference


A month or so ago I was invited by the Transition Network to do a talk and question and answer session at the Northwest Transition conference in Lancaster at the University of Cumbria, which we were absolutely delighed about being a small and humble community group from a small town in Lancashire. Today’s talks consisted of me talking about Urban food growing and community development, another speaker on the panel Alan Schofield delivered a short and interesting talk about small scale commercial organic fruit and vegetable growing, and Tony Haslam the final speaker delivered an informative piece on making and using Biochar in the garden. DCIM100MEDIAEach respective talk went down really well, and there were some good and well thought out questions by the audience watching and listening to our respective and interlinked pieces. I was asked questions about the best way of starting off a community food growing project, and some the issues surrounding GM and heirloom seeds in Europe.

The Transition to another way of living

Of all groups/initiaives political or otherwise, the Transition Network to my mind is possibly the most important because it shows us ways of doing things now that can move us quickly and smoothly away from our addiction and total dependance on fossil fuels, whilst the Green Party, friends of the Earth and Greenpeace grapple with the Political side of creating a more ecologically sound world, the Transition Network provides the practical tools that we can utilize as individuals and communities right now to remove ourselves as much as possible away from fossil fuels and towards a low impact world of the future by providing our own locally grown resources, local power generation and all other resources vital to human life and well being without destroying the planet.


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